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elf-kirk-viewRejoice! Kielder has had a summer. Surely you remember what one of those was like? My parents told me we used to have them on an annual basis.

With temperatures soaring and minimal rain there has been evidence of cheeky little devils leaving washing on the line….overnight. Apart from the 22nd of July, where we had the most impressive thunderstorm with horizontal rain, sheeting rain and more rain. I just had to stand out in it and have a bit of a cool down. The air was cleared and hey presto, just like magic it was dry by morning for another sunny day

The sun has been perfect for the summer holidays. The pleasant days have brought striking views, with glorious sunrises and sunsets. You’ll know if the odds are high for the sun to be around in Kielder as the symphony of our fleet of lawnmowers will be heard for most of the day. And if it’s a bit overcast, then it’ll be chainsaws and the thump of log-splitters you’ll be hearing. (more…)