Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

vk-blog-oyster-goshawkHello again, since I last wrote the wind has grown warmer, the sun shines longer and the bird song is a crescendo in the mornings. Spring is on it’s way! With our early Easter break now complete I have quite a list of happenings at Kielder. The Ospreys have landed! Nest’s one and two are habited and there is a concise, day by day account by our Osprey Watch Volunteer Joanna Dailey at http://kielderospreys.wordpress.com/

Kielder Castle Café has a large screen for you to watch live HD footage of the nests and the shenanigans that our amorous visitors get up to, if you do get embarrassed you can always walk to the counter and order another large slice of carrot cake.

During the Easter Break plenty of visitors took part in the activities available at Calvert Trust .(Kielder) Tara Martin (Team Leader Business Developer)  explained to me just how popular the activities had been, with their ‘Laser Clays’, Indoor Climbing Wall and ‘King Swing’ being the busiest events.

Have you ever tried any of these? I’ve taken my family to most of them and it’s great!  I can tell you now, when it comes to “the King Swing……..in Kielder, everyone hears you scream!” (more…)