Monthly Archives: March 2013

So where is Kielder? Kielder: the remotest village in England, three miles from Scotland on the southern tip of the largest reservoir in England (by capacity) and enclosed by one of the largest man made forests in England., Space and openness are abound and, nestled alongside this we have a growing collection of architecture .

Within the wild moorland and along forest walks, rides and riverbanks structures are discovered, some to shelter in, others to marvel and view. Historically this is a hardy place with hardy folk, who, before the introduction of any Forestry Commission or Kielder Dam, plied a hard earned living from the moorland.

And so where do I fit in? The author? My name is Steve Webb, I moved here a few years ago with my family and we run the village shop. All around is big! Big space, big forest, big reservoir but the number of people here isn’t big. The area is widely regarded to be the most tranquil place in England.  It is an extraordinary place to live and I hope to be able to pass this aspect on to you over the next few months. (more…)